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The Performance

Disability Awareness Performances

jan7b.gif (67422 bytes)Jan Goodwin is an expert on Disability Awareness issues. She became committed to Disability Awareness when she met her husband, Dick. He became severely disabled in an automobile accident and is paralyzed from the chest down. He has maintained his independence and is the former Executive Director of an advocacy and disability rights organization in Alton, Illinois. Personal experiences became a great teacher and motivator. Jan hand sculpted Spencer, an inquisitive, precocious, funny, cute, adorable youngster. Oh, Spencer also uses a wheelchair. The message is one of maintaining independence, dignity, and self worth; and minimizing stigma, barriers to full participation, and low expectations for those with disabilities. Spencer is Jan's most popular and frequently requested character.

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For Performance and Contact Information:
Telephone: (618) 465-8490

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