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Jan Goodwin


jan3b2.gif (42802 bytes)Jan Goodwin resides with her husband Dick in Godfrey, Illinois, just 30 miles of St. Louis, Missouri.

Jan learned ventriloquism in the late 1970's to help her church reach out to children. Her creative efforts not only helped her church outreach to children, she became a popular speaker for adult audiences on the national level for church retreats, annual meetings, reunions, seminars, and workshops. She continued her ventriloquism as an avocation through the 1980's while juggling full time career and family life.

In 1990, though her affiliation with an Alton, Illinois, based disability rights and peer support organization, she began focusing on disability awareness programs to sensitize society to what it means to live life with a disability. Her message, people with disabilities can lead full, productive lives when barriers to participation are removed or minimized. Her character, Spencer, is funny, precocious, and inquisitive. He is also in a wheelchair. Jan hand sculpted Spencer herself. Her focus in the school system has been disability awareness programs. Jan was also a performing artist with Young Audiences in the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area.

In addition to her work locally, she travels throughout the country performing for various audiences, including national meetings of the United Auto Workers, AFL-CIO, University student leadership organizations, United Way Community Liaisons, and various service clubs and organizations.

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For Performance and Contact Information:
Telephone: (618) 465-8490

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